I help my clients to find the fastest AND the cheapest way from the moment when their clients release the order and product delivery.

Expected results

After 3-4 months
  • 15-30% more output
  • Better Quality
  • Increasing On-time delivery rate
  • 20-40% WIP reduction
After 7-9 months
  • 30-40% more output, reported at the beginning of the project.
  • Better Quality
  • Increasing On-time delivery rate
  • 40-60% WIP reduction, reported at the beginning of the project.
  • Work instructions, procedures;
  • Best practice standardization
After 12-14 months
  • 40-50% more output, reported at the beginning of the project.
  • Better Quality
  • Increasing On-time delivery rate
  • 40-60% WIP reduction, reported at the beginning of the project.
  • Better Work instructions, procedures;
  • Best practice standardization;
  • Smooth production process;
  • Better efficiency for people and equipment;
  • An improved production system in place.

I guarantee the results!

If you are not happy, I will continue to work with you at no cost, until the results are achieved.

How do we achieve these results?

We will follow three conceptual phases:

1st Phase - Transformation 3-6 months

Process analysis and see how to achieve a smooth process flow;
- Identifying and solving the major problems;
- Improving quality;
- Reducing the micro-stops;
- Reducing the changeover time;
- Training the operators to understand what are we doing and why;
- Reducing the process variations.
- Training the managers;


2nd Phase - Stabilization&Standardization - 4-6 months

Main activities:
- Fine tuning for the methods applied at Phase 1;
- Standardizing the best practice;
- Documenting the process: work instructions, procedures;
- Establishing connected processes to create interdependency;
- Training the operators;
- Introducing performance board;
- Improving quality;
- Work place organization.

3rd Phase: Continuous improvement

Main activities:

- Continuing waste elimination;

- Speeding up the process;

- Introducing Kaizen system;

- Moving the activities from Phase #1 and Phase #2 at a superior level.

- Creating an auto-improving system;

- Involving the operators in process improvement.

Our Happy Clients

Some Good Words From Our Clients

As a result of consulting, I think that the attitude of some responsible factors has changed in a positive way, respectively, I found the appearance of some own initiatives by these, regarding the need for a better organization of the workplace.

Florin Turnescu Managing Director, RUD Florian Rieger

Reducing the manufacturing time of a product led to the possibility of responding more quickly to customer needs.

Ionut Marcu Plant Manager, COBO I. E. E.

(…) you quickly identified the necessary points of progress and, through effective field presence, have contributed in achieving the goals set by agreement. The challenge remains in perennializing the achievements and in developing the involvement of employees and managers.

Serge Janier-Dubry General Manager, NTN-SNR Rulmenti

(…) it was a pleasure working with Adrian. The experience and methods used have contributed to many of our results. Your way to entail the young managers had an important role in gaining self-confidence, as well as in a better orientation towards results, integrating the important role of human resources.

Melinda Mathe Human Resources Director, NTN-SNR Rulmenti

I personally want to thank you for your help and your methodology of problem-solving and continuous improvement. By your professionalism, you have contributed to the change of mentality of the workshop towards the search for the performance and the excellence.
In all processes and in all organizations, you help us to make changes to avoid getting into a routine and give a second wind to continuous improvement.

Alain Caillot CEO, NTN-SNR Rulmenti

Ion CucuI started working with Adrian Oprea in a context in which it seemed impossible to increase the volume of production and the demand was growing. Together we managed to exceed the initial volume targets, in a short time, and so we made the “impossible” become possible. The way of working folded on the organizational culture and he managed to collaborate and to attract the middle management of production to reach and exceed the established indicators. Surprisingly, after starting the collaboration in the first sector, the other sector managers have also asked to work with Adrian Oprea.

Ion Cucu Production Director, NTN-SNR Rulmenti

I have used Adrian’s consulting service for the last two years. He’s helped our company to improve productivity and decrease the personnel turnover. He is always there to answer my questions and provide new ideas.

Massimiliano Rossi COO, CIAM spa COBO group

We have had the chance to collaborate and work together closely with Mr. Adrian Oprea, consultant at AVO Lean Consulting, in the frame of several projects developed by our company, Astra Rail Industries SRL.
Mr. Oprea has been contracted to improve and further develop several projects for our production line for rolling stock in our factory located in Arad, Romania.
During the time spent in our factory and through the work performed by Mr. Oprea, it has become clear that he is a specialist with understanding of specific technical details and the ability to recognize issues that require management problem-solving decisions. Typically, Mr. Oprea`s approach is to present a number of options with pros and cons to aid the decision maker in making choices and in understanding and communicating the implications of that choice.
Mr. Oprea has proven to be a good organizer and also efficient in his tasks and interactions with employees, communication is a very important aspect in this case.
Considering the good work and achievement of expected results in the time spent in our company, I can gladly recommend Mr. Oprea for any future collaboration.

Bernd Boese CEO / Astra Rail Industries
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