NOTE: This is a 5 days in-house management training. I will do the Production management training on your site, with your people only. I will need an extra day to visit your factory, to customize as much as possible the training.

Have you ever met these situations?

All the materials needed are available.
The calculated capacity is more than enough to produce the orders.
The people's productivity is high.
Nevertheless, something strange is happening: cannot deliver on time. Even with extra-costs like overtime and so on. WHY?
Another common situation:
The system shows that all the materials needed are available and, when the order is in production suddenly, one material missing. And, of course, you will find it later. Stress, extra efforts and, again, the order cannot be delivered on time.
Are the above examples part of your daily job?
Yes, they are.
I have worked with Romanian, German, Swedish, Italian, Polish and Saudi companies and all of them had, more or less, the same issues.
Do this means that the above situations are the only way for manufacturing?
No, it doesn't.
There is another way for manufacturing to avoid these?
Yes, there is.

Our Production Management Training

I will show you how to create a smooth and efficient production process to


Learn an efficient way to eliminate

- Late deliveries
- Hight WIP
- Inventory
- Overtime
- Hight Lead time
- Low quality
- Low flexibility

Waste elimination

Efficient techniques and methods to eliminate the waste from the process.

5S, One-piece Flow, Just in Time, Kanban, Visual Management, SMED, KAIZEN, TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)

How to connect the techniques and methods

Using each lean manufacturing technique and method by itself, you can achieve a certain result. But, if you want extraordinary results, these techniques and methods must be "linked" each other. Only in this way we can view the maximum effect of lean techniques and methods.


How the KPIs influence the company's performance.

How to use KPIs to provide regular feedback.

Choosing the right KPIs which helps the company to improve continually.


Inappropriate communication between departments usually generate unnecessary stress and reduce the performances.

How to make sure that your message is clearly understood.


The philosophy of Continuous Improvement.

How to develop a Kaizen culture.

How Kaizen will accelerate the development of the company.


People Trained


Satisfied Clients


Years experience

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Hassan Sharrofna Raqtan, KSA

Many new methods I have learned, and the way that the instructor was dealing is perfect since it was not too formal. ... I would extremely recommend others to work with Adrian Oprea since I am seeing the direct impact of the course immediately on my life. 

Carmen Ragea EC Electronics, Romania

An exciting training, and I took from it many useful ideas. I will implement these ideas, and I am sure that the results will show up.

Henry Castillo Raqtan, KSA

The presentation was clear. Letting everyone participate in the daily session is great. Opening great opportunity to Raqtan to improve the current situation.

Erika Lezsak Draexlmaier, Romania

The main result of the Production Management training was extremely positive for me. Especially because I understood how important are some "minor" actions in the company. I strongly recommend this training.

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Trainer: Adrian Oprea

Adrian, MBA with a mechanical engineering background, has worked in top management positions in several multinational companies.
In 2009, Adrian founded the consulting firm AVO Lean Consulting, which helps manufacturing companies with over 100 employees to achieve the lowest production costs with guaranteed results.
Adrian has accumulated a tremendous experience in Toyota business, both in Japan and in Europe, working directly with Toyota.
By continuously improving his work, Adrian has provided consulting and training to increase the performance of manufacturing companies from Europe and Saudi Arabia.

Training Structure

First Part

- The first day - visiting the factory;(optional). I use this day to customize the training as much as possible.
- Next three days - training your team, starting improvement projects, their daily issues.

Second part:

Within six months the Second Part:
- two days follow-up meetings with the entire team and individually with each participant.
Between 1st part and 2nd part, I will help each participant to move forward his improvement project.
Also, I will continue to help your team another six months after the follow-up meeting.
This training has been tested and continually improved with success along the time.

FREE - 12 months support for this training

12 months support for improvement projects (via Skype, by email or by phone);

After the first part of the training, each participant will receive 12 months support from my side.

Optimizing every area of your business!

From design and prototyping to production and delivery, we cover it all.


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